The Australian Sports Organization

The Australian Sports Organization

The sports organization is the governing body for all sports; each department has one sport that they solely focus on. Apart from the sport itself, there are many other important factors that need to be carried out, and each of these important factors is categorized into different groups or associations rather. 

Australian sports commission 

The Australian sports commission is the statutory agency that is in charge of the funds as well as providing guidance and leadership in sporting activities. A board of commissioners that have been appointed by the Australian government runs the Australian sports commission. The board of commissioners is responsible for the direction the ASC plans on taking and the allocation of the resources and policy used in the direction they decide to approach. 

Australian Institute of Sport 

The ASC is run from Canberra at the Australian Institute of Sport, along with ASC, AIS focuses and provides services such sports information, high-performance coaching, sports sciences, facility management, participation development and funds programs to national sporting organizations. 

AIS main target is to get international sporting success, therefore they have partnered up with various organizations that will help them reach their goal. The organization AIS has partnered up with other national sporting organization and state institutes, they also work with sporting academies and peak bodies such as Australian Paralympic Committee and Australian Commonwealth Games Association. 

Swimming Australia 

Swimming Australia is the governing body for competitive swimming in Australia, it is estimated that there are over 100,000 members, including coaches, officials, administrators, and volunteers. Swimming Australia’s focus is to become the leading sport, by giving their members proper training and expecting outstanding performances commercially as well as internationally. 

There are quite a few foundations that offer support to swimmers when it comes to their funds; few of these are the Georgina Hope Foundation swimmer support scheme, AIS – Athlete grant, and Personal Excellence grants. The main sponsor for Swimming Australia is Hancock Prospecting which is run by one of the richest women in Australia, Gina Rinehart. 

Hancock Prospecting is a successful privately owned company in Australia that is in the business of mineral exploration and extraction. Hancock Prospecting invests and creates partnerships with many projects they believe in, if you look into Hancock Prospecting heiresses website and are going through the Gina Rhinehart gallery, you will see the many achievements, awards, and projects they are involved in. 

Australia’s main goal is to have consistent success, great levels of performance results locally as well as internationally and for these results to motivate and unite all Australians.