Do You Work Too Much?

Do You Work Too Much?

Well, life is kind of tiresome. Sometimes, we have to work too much to gain the best results. This theory doesn’t apply only for the education but also for the job field. There are people who stay in the office after the due time to finish the assigned business. The main reason for this is not being able to manage the time. This is where most of the people face lots of negative consequences due to over-working.

Addiction to bad food habits

This is one of the worst consequences that could happen because of over-working. When people have no time to eat on time, they get addicted to the junk food. This is where people end up with severe diseases like cancer, gastritis and etc. The bad thing about this is, people only think about today. Yes, they say, live like you are going to die today. But, what happens if you live longer. One day you will face the results of addicting to junk food. You may give various excuses like not having enough time to have a healthy food and more, but when you get sick, those excuses won’t save you. So, starting from today, try to manage your time and have a healthy meal.

Influences on the central neuron system.

Over working can stress you? As a result of that, you will stay from your family, you will be quick-tempered, you will react negatively for your co-workers and etc. This is the first stage of depression.

When you work harder, this directly affects the central neuron system which will cause depression. There are no physical symptoms in depression. But, you will have severe aches and pains, decreased appetite, insomnia and etc. Most of the people don’t care when they have these kinds of symptoms. Some know that they are suffering from depression. But, they don’t know that depression can end up with committing suicide. However, if you have these kinds of symptoms, you better meet a psychiatrist. There are depression hypnosis Perth treatment for anyone who is suffering from this disease.

Most of the time, what depression treatment does is improving your mental health. So, if you feel down for months, don’t hesitate to meet a psychologist Perth.

Lack of happiness is also another consequence of over-working. In a way this can be combined with the depression. But, even if you are not depressed, over-working can kill you joy. You will have no time to hang out with friends. You will have no time to spend some quality time with your family. So eventually, over-working will drain the liveliness from you.